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  • For a healthy and cleansed colon

    Promotes good health and colon cleansing(1, 2) Helps to relieve intestinal discomfort (bloating, flatulence) (3) Fibres and plant extracts with protective and detoxifying qualities The most produced: Also contains prebiotic fibres, which help to achieve balance in the intestinal flora.

    14,01 € 16,11 €
  • Stay fit and healthy at 50+!

    TARGETS ABDOMINAL FAT AT 50+ Promotes breakdown of fats and weight loss Controls blood sugar and cholesterol Active agent with clinically proven effectiveness Product highlights:  Triple action. A single product to combat different symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Also offers preventive action.

    16,71 € 21,71 €

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items