Micronutrition natural health products, real allies!

Micronutrition is to meet the micronutrient needs of the individual, by a diverse diet, together if necessary with a personalized supplementation. It is rooted in research on the proven links between food, health and prevention.

Our foods consist of: Macronutrients, which give strength and energy to our bodies. These are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Micronutrients that, if they do not provide energy intake, have a vital role in the proper functioning of our metabolism and our cells. These are minerals, vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids (omega 3, for example) ... that our body can not produce and which he can not do without.

Not to mention our personal choices, these are the methods of cultivation, preservation, transport and food processing that impact the nutritional density of our diet. Added to this is our way of life and our environment: pollution, smoking, stress which are major consumers of essential nutrients.

Therefore, our food is often high in calories, but lack of micronutrient density. Our plates full of "empty calories".

When we lack micronutrients, it is the whole body is affected. These deficits and / or imbalances can then generate various disorders: digestion, mood, joint system, chronic fatigue ... or even do not speak immediately, but, in the medium or long term, adverse health .

Natural health products are of real interest to help us improve the supply of essential nutrients to support our health and contribute to our well-being in everyday life. They will cater to all of us, with the aim of supporting the natural functions of the body, to potentiate individual abilities, participate in the resistance of the organism, every day, at every stage of life and especially the most vulnerable people: teenagers, women and their specific needs, the elderly ...

They may also be considered as part of a therapeutic solution for minor disturbances.

Select micronutrient supplementation is to act today to our well-being tomorrow.

Some tips for a healthy diet rich in micronutrients:

  • Try to balance your meals, emphasizing fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains.
  • Prefer fresh, natural foods, avoid processed foods to a minimum. So you can enjoy the best of their wealth in micronutrients.
  • Preferably choose the steaming, stewed or in foil, which preserves the nutritional quality of food. Know also that the longer the cooking time is short and the low temperature, the more vitamins and antioxidants are preserved.
  • Do not banish them from your diet oils, with multiple nutritional interests
  • (Rapeseed, sunflower), and choose the Blank preference, and cold pressed.
  • Avoid sugary products (with added sugar) and vectors of saturated fats (butter, hydrogenated vegetable fats).

Or find micronutrients in our diet?

Iron: the black pudding, liver, red meat, eggs, lentils ...

If you do not regularly consume these foods, find your iron intake in Suplefer®.

Zinc: in fish, meat and whole grains.

If you do not often put these foods on the menu, take zinc with Acid-BASE® example.

Vitamin D: in fatty fish (sardines, tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel), egg, yellow margarine, mushrooms, milk ...

Not always easy to cook good fish ... Vital -D3® bring you the vitamin D needed for good bone mineralization and good immunity.

Essential fatty acids in rapeseed oils and nuts, fatty fish like tuna, salmon or mackerel.

When dieting, it can spread the oils and fatty fish ... Recharge your omega 3 with OMEGABIOL® to maintain cardiovascular balance.

Magnesium: in prawns, whole grains, dried fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate ...

often lack of magnesium, which is essential for nerve and psychological functions. Zenaxyl® will help you complete these contributions.