Our commitment


Bring healthy, natural and targeted solutions to address health concerns and well-being of all, in respect of the body.


Select the shapes and combinations of natural active ingredients to the most bioavailable nutritional doses for optimal absorption and action.


Our formulas combine the best natural ingredients, carefully selected for their nutritional and physiological interest, cleverly combined and assayed for their synergistic effects.
By combining the best substances in the best shape ever (capsules, liquid forms), we ensure optimal micronutrient bioavailability for greater efficiency. Indeed, it is not enough to concentrate nutrients and substances of interest to enjoy their benefits: still they must be bioavailable, that is to say optimally assimilated and used by the body.
At the forefront of innovation, our formulas contain several patented ingredients that have proven their effectiveness (Cyracos®, Ostéol® ...).
Our products are manufactured in France. Our Laboratories are ISO 22000, an international standard, which confirms the commitments of our laboratories for food safety.