Our history

Big health challenge of the 20th century, infectious diseases are now less deadly, curative medicine successful in large part to their dam.

The time is now for a new approach to health. On the whole curative logic, it tends towards personalized preventive logic.

The patient is aware that his health is a capital that maintains throughout life and that this requires not only the establishment of a healthy lifestyle but also by listening to the specific needs of their organization .

Actor of his health, the patient is now increasingly informed and attentive. He anticipates and seeks solutions in order to stay healthy, improve well-being and living as long as possible.

Finding its roots in research done on the proven links between food, health and prevention, Micronutrition is thus part of this new era.

Strong technical and scientific expertise in the formulation, development and marketing of natural health products particularly innovative, INELDEA Laboratories have created INELDEA Natural Health, a full range of Micronutrition to cover all the needs of population.


  • Micronutrition is to meet the micronutrient needs of the individual. A varied diet that may be inadequate to cover those requirements, customized supplementation is sometimes necessary.
  • The Micronutrients have a vital role in the proper functioning of our metabolism and our cells. These are minerals, vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids (omega 3, for example), probiotics ... that our body can not produce and which he can not do without.
  • Often high in calories, our diet often lacks micronutrient density. Our plates full of "empty" calories.
  • The methods of cultivation, preservation, transport and food processing impact the nutritional density of our diet.
  • The modern way of life (pollution, smoking, stress) generates a high consumption of essential nutrients.

Deficits and / or micronutrient repeated imbalances can generate various disorders:

  • digestion,
  • Mood,
  • articular system,
  • chronic fatigue ...

These disorders can be expressed more or less long term and particularly adverse to health.

- Optimize the functioning of the body, balance the metabolism, protect the body from the effects of time, providing the necessary micronutrients and that, to sustainable well-being: THIS IS THE OBJECTIVE OF THE MICRONUTRITION.


- Everyone is concerned, deficiencies can end up in all age groups. The requirements depend on the lifestyle and individual field of each person.

- Some contexts generate increased specific needs (overworked and stressed people, especially diet, convalescence, seniors, teenagers, women in menopause, sports ...).


The range INELDEA Natural Health has 26 references to cover all the needs of the population.

26 These references are divided into five major families for easier understanding:

Nutritional supplementation, to limit deficits linked to lifestyle and enhance the nutritional density of food

Cellular protection and anti-aging, to help protect the body from free radicals and aging effects

Balance metabolisms, to optimize the physiological functioning of the body (cholesterol, blood sugar, digestive disorders ...)

Balance nervous, to fight against stress, mood disorders and facilitate sleep

Specific woman, to accompany women in their daily needs

INELDEA Natural Health, is:

- The best combinations of natural substances with nutritional doses, selected for their complementary effects and whose bioavailability (absorption by the body) has been optimized,

- Innovative patented Assets that have demonstrated their effectiveness (Cyracos®, Ostéol® ...)

- Of the 30 days cures for better compliance and optimum efficiency,

- Products manufactured in France according to the strictest quality criteria. Our laboratories are ISO 22000, an international standard, which confirms the commitments of our laboratories for food safety.