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Bone mass and support immunity Dropper Bottle 20 ml
  • Contribute to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • Maintain bone mass, participate in the maintenance of bones and teeth
  • Support the immune system

Product advantage: The oily form and the natural origin of the Vitamin D3 used (derived from lanolin, natural wax sheep wool) ensure good bioavailability.


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Food supplement with Vitamin D3 natural.

Vitamin D3 plays a major role in the growth and health of the bone. By promoting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, vitamin D helps to form and maintain strong bones and teeth. It is also involved in many metabolic pathways, including immune function.
Over 80% of French people aged 18 to 74 years are challenging cient vitamin D *. Currently, ANSES recommends a daily intake of 5 micrograms of vitamin D (200 IU) for the general adult population and up to 10 mcg daily (400 IU) for sensitive populations such as pregnant women and the elderly **.

* National Study Health Nutrition - ENNS 2006-2007; Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin of the Institut de Veille Sanitaire, April 24, 2012
** HANDLES: recommended dietary allowance of vitamin D for the French population.

Dropper Bottle 20 ml



Ingredients: Oleic Sunflower oil deodorized, Vitamin D3 100% natural ingredients derived from lanolin, antioxidant: Vitamin E natural.

Allergy -Without GMO - Gluten free - no preservatives

Nutrition information medium for 2 drops:

Natural vitamin D3 10 mcg (200% AR)

AR: Reference Intakes


Directions: Shake before use. 1-2 drops once daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Perhaps swallowed pure (directly on the tongue or in one teaspoon) or mixed with a semi-liquid food, preferably cold (yogurt, applesauce, ...). The plug can be morning, afternoon or evening. Suitable for pregnant women.

Recommendations: Keep out of reach of children, away from light and heat. Consume as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended not to exceed the recommended dosage. A best before date on the package.


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Bone mass and support immunity

7,58 € instead of 9,48 €