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For a healthy and cleansed colon
  • Promotes good health and colon cleansing(1, 2)
  • Helps to relieve intestinal discomfort (bloating, flatulence) (3)
  • Fibres and plant extracts with protective and detoxifying qualities

The most produced: Also contains prebiotic fibres, which help to achieve balance in the intestinal flora.

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Dietary supplement with plant extracts

Fatigue, lack of physical and mental vitality, dull skin or uneven complexion, difficulty in losing weight, bloating, flatulence... These can all be signs of an obstructed, toxin-saturated colon

As we know, with its 200 Million neurones, its 100,000 billion beneficial bacteria involved in the defence system and the digestion, as well as its role in the elimination of waste products and toxins, the intestine (particularly the colon) has a significant importance in our overall health.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle (nutritional imbalance, pollution, stress, sedentary habits…) can cause damage.

When overworked, it is unable to eliminate all the waste and toxins that we ingest and produce.

Thorough cleansing of the colon can thus prove useful in maintaining your health.

COLON DETOX contains an exclusive mixture of prebiotic fibres and plant extracts:

  • Chicory inulin and apple fibres (prebiotic fibres) participate in the development of good intestinal bacteria and thus help to balance the flora,
  • Ispaghula seeds(1) and Fig(2) help to maintain a healthy, cleansed colon,
  • Tamarind is well-known for facilitating comfortable digestion, together with Fennel (3) and Aloe Vera.
  • Ispaghula helps to regulate the stools.

Carrying out a detoxification treatment 2 to 3 times a year (and whenever you feel the need) helps to maintain your health.

Packet of 10 sachets of powder to be diluted


Chicory inulin and apple fibres, plant powders: Ispaghula seeds, Fig fruits, Tamarind pulp; flavouring, dyes: beetroot juice, caramel; plant extracts: prune fruits, Fennel seeds, Caneficier fruit, Aloe vera leaves; acidity regulator: citric acid.

Gluten-free - GMO-free

Average nutritional information per sachet (10g):

Total fibres: 7265 mg

  • Of which Chicory inulin fibres: 6205 mg
  • Of which apple fibres: 1060 mg

Plant powders and extracts: 1535 mg

  • Of which Ispaghula seeds (Plantago Ispaghula): 1000 mg
  • Of which Fig fruit powder (Ficus carica): to 150 mg
  • Of which Prune fruit extract (Prunus domestica): to 150 mg (eq.* 600 mg)
  • Of which Tamarind pulp powder (Tamarindus indica): to 75 mg
  • Of which Extract of Fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare): to 75 mg (eq.* 375 mg)
  • Of which Extract of Caneficier fruits (Cassia fistula): to 75 mg (eq.* 75 mg)
  • Of which Extract of Aloe vera leaves (Aloe barbadensis): to 10 mg (eq.* 10 mg)

*Dried plant equivalent


Instructions for use: 1 sachet a day, before or after the main meal, preferably at lunchtime. Pour 200 ml of cold water into a glass. Add the contents of one sachet (10 g) and mix with a spoon.

10 day treatment, may be repeated several times a year.


  • Keep out of the reach of children. Store away from heat or humidity.
  • To be consumed as part of a varied, balance diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Not recommended for children under 12 years, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, and not for prolonged use.
  • May have a laxative effect.
  • Exceeding the stated dose is not recommended.
  • Best before the date shown on the packaging.




Detox colon

Merci pour votre produit car je désespérais face à la constipation chronique
Je souhaite acheter un autre produit



Fonctionne !

J'ai utilisé cette Détox pendant 10 jours et je me sens mieux, j'ai l'appendicite et cette Détox ma beaucoup aidé a nettoyé mon colon et mon intestin, j'ai aussi remarqué que cela donné bonne mine. je n'ai plus de mots de ventres du à l’appendicite. Je vais renouvelé cette détox dans 2 mois. il faut bien mélanger pour dissoudre la poudre. Merci !!

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For a healthy and cleansed colon

15,17 € instead of 18,96 €