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Spécifique femme  

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  • Menopause and perimenopause

    Participate in hormone activity in women, especially during menopause thanks to extract Lin Contribute to cope with the effects of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats through Hops extract Product advantage: Menogyne® is without soy isoflavones.

    25,59 €
  • Firmness of the skin and plumping effect

    Participate in the beauty of the skin, Helping to preserve its firmness and elasticity thanks to hyaluronic acid Product advantage: Reference Assets selected for their synergistic properties in preserving the beauty and youth of the skin.

    24,64 €
  • Bone capital

    Help maintain bone density due to Calcium and Vitamin D Help maintain joint cartilage thanks to Copper Product advantage: The "citrate" form of Calcium and Magnesium ensures bioavailability, up to 40 times greater than the carbonate form commonly used.

    17,06 €
  • Hair and nails - Beauty and strength

    Maintaining the beauty and appearance of hair and nails Support healthy hair and nails Product Advantage: Keratin contained in Keraforce® is achieved by a patented process that preserves the native profile of its constituent amino acids.

    19,91 €
  • Comfort and urinary elimination

    Improve Urinary Comfort (Hibiscus) Limit setting and the development of bacteria in the urinary tract (Cranberry) Promote elimination (Dandelion) Product advantage: Cystinil® contains elliroseTM **, a proprietary extract of Hibiscus reducing urinary disorders of 50% by 12 weeks and up to 77% in 24 weeks.

    26,54 €
  • Circulatory comfort

    Soothes and invigorates tired legs Blood vessel resistance (1) Complete formula: 15 extracts from plants & Minerals Product advantage: Active at nutritional doses carefully measured and related to their nutritional and physiological interest, and whose bioavailability is optimized.

    18,96 €
  • Iron supplementation

    Optimize iron intake and vitamin B Help mitigate fatigue due to iron and B vitamins Product advantage:In microencapsulated form, iron is 5 times more bioavailable than traditional forms of iron (oxide, gluconate, ...) for optimum assimilation, without the risk of nausea or digestive disorders.

    16,11 €
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