Complémentation nutritionnelle

Complémentation nutritionnelle  

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  • Bone mass and support immunity

    Contribute to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus Maintain bone mass, participate in the maintenance of bones and teeth Support the immune system Product advantage: The oily form and the natural origin of the Vitamin D3 used (derived from lanolin, natural wax sheep wool) ensure good bioavailability.  

    9,48 €
  • Cardiovascular Balance

    Provide essential fatty acids of the family of Omega 3, including EPA and DHA Contribute to good heart function Product advantage: Fish oils used are from sustainable fisheries and unprotected species.

    19,91 €
  • Nutritional support in supporting smoking cessation

    Protect cells against oxidative stress (vitamins C and Selenium) Contribute to nervous and psychological functions (vitamin B6 and Mg) Promote healing through Valerian Product advantage: Sevragil® contains an extract of Kudzu isoflavones titrated.

    18,01 €
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